Jane Morrison

JANE MORRISON is a painter, portrait and caricature artist. She also works with various mixed media. Her art is influenced by the years she traveled abroad and lived in the Greek Islands. Her murals, seascapes, and portraits of the villagers hang in the harbor cafes.


I've heard it said that the two most important things in life are love and work. For me, both of these things began at home. As a child, I painted pictures of my family and our home, shaded by apple trees and rose colored sunsets over the sea. All of life was a magnificent work of art that I sought to capture in brilliant colors.
Later in life, my work as an artist led me to travels in foreign lands. Experiencing the richness of other cultures deepened my own inner landscape, and my art reflected all my living; the excitement and chaos, courage and risk, loneliness and light.
I continually study the work of other artists. Their creations inspire mine and have helped me to be bold.
Love and work, I speak through my art, and this is what I give of myself, and to the world.


B.A. Studio Art; Smith College; 1988. M.A.Theology and the Arts; Pacific School of Religion; 1998. MA.Teacher's Certification; Visual Arts; Westfield State College; 2001. Elementary Art Teacher; Westfield Public Schools; 2003-2009. Artist/Teacher; Greek Island of Mykonos; Onboard Artist; Greek Cruise Lines, (intermittently) 1988-2009. Caricature Artist: Yankee Candle, Deerfield, MA; 2014-2020. Portrait and Caricature Artist; Fairs, Special Events: 2009-present. Art Teacher; Senior Center, Northampton, MA; 2019-present.

Shiva in a Dress, mixed media, 16x20