Jane Morrison
Greek Gods and Goddesses
Charcoal; 1998


JANE MORRISON is a Portrait and Caricature Artist, specializing in charcoal and pastel individual and family portraits. She works at town and country fairs, parties, weddings, and other special events throughout the Pioneer Valley. Jane is also a painter and mural artist; her work influenced by her travels to foreign countries, and the many years she lived on the Greek Island of Mykonos. Her murals, seascapes, and portraits of the local people hang in the harbor cafes and pensions.


I've heard it said, that the two most important things in life are love and work; for me, both these things began at home. I made my siblings sit for hours while I sketched their portraits- surely they suffered for my art. Then portraits blossomed into apple trees, castles and rose-colored sunsets- all of life a magnificent work of art keeping me safe as long as I captured it in brilliant colors. As I grew, my travels led me to exotic lands, and my art absorbed and reflected all of my living- the excitement and chaos, the raw beauty, the loneliness, and light.
My years spent painting on a shining Greek Island (while trying to stay alive) has only made me bigger, better. And because I continually contemplate the work of other artists, I have also become bold, doing things I would never have thought of myself. Now, I can glue a pair of dice into the wet paint of a golden sun, write the Greek alphabet across a purple sky, and hang pink ribbons from the end of the Alpha and Omegha. I can, and I do. Love and work began at home, sailed me around the world and brought me back again only to give away all that has grown so carefully inside- the many gifts of art.


B.A. Studio Art; Smith College;1988. M.A. Theology and the Arts; Pacific School of Religion;1998. Mass.Teacher's Certification; Visual Arts; Westfield State College; 2001. Elementary Art Teacher; Westfield Public Schools; 2003-2009. Caricature and Portrait Artist; Town and Country Fairs, Parties, Special Events; 1985-present. Artist/Teacher; Greek Island of Mykonos;1988-2009. Shipboard Artist/Greek Cruise Lines;1988-1995.